How to decorate a heart shaped cookie with fondant clothing

 A navel officer's jacket using a heart shaped cookie.
You will need:
A heart shaped cookie has been baked and allowed to cool.
Orchard icing, which you can find at the supermarket
blue colouring
icing sugar and water (optional)
rolling pin and board

1. Start by colouring some of the Orchard icing blue by adding a couple of drops of  the blue colouring to the icing and then kneaded it until the colour is evenly blended.
2. Roll out a small amount of  the blue fondant, until it is quite thin.
3. Lay the icing over the cookie, covering the top and sides.
4. Gently mold the icing around the cookie using your hands.
5.Turn the cookie over and trim any icing off the back.
6. Use the scalpel to mark all the details on the cookie. Starting with a v shape for the arms, and a v shape where the shirt goes. Then add buttons and mark the ends of the sleeves.

8. Next add the shirt. Remove the "v shaped" section of fondant from around the neck. Try and remove it in one piece so you can use it as a template for the shirt. Roll out some white icing and cut to shape. Gently press into position on the cookie.

9. Gloves can be done using the same method. Than add any other details you like, such as a collar  and buttons on the shirt, a bow tie, etc.

Once you have made one, you can make all types of designs.