Owls, Owls and more Owls!

I have Tamara's 10th birthday party to share with you today.

Tamara saw the pink owls on the cakes made at June's party quite a while ago now. She thought  they were cute and decided that is what she would like to do for her 10th birthday.

I let Tamara select some of the colours we would use and she choose the dark pink owls with pink cakes and blue names. On the tops, the girls made branches with leaves and various types of flowers.

There were 7 girls all around 10 years old. Two of the girls can't eat gluten, so they had gluten free vanilla cakes and the rest enjoyed the chocolate mud.

Happy Birthday Tamara!!
Thanks for sharing your day with us!

Lydia's 10th Birthday mini cake decorating party in Ashburton

 I had the pleasure of hosting a mini cake party for Lydia's 10th Birthday recently. I received such a warm and friendly welcome, it was really nice. 

This is the second time I have come to their home to do a party. The first time was a couple of years ago, when Lydia's older sister also turned 10.

Funnily enough, they wanted to make the same type of cakes. So we spent the afternoon decorating and these are the Fairy Houses they made.

Happy Birthday Lydia!!

Hoot and Hootabelle Cake

I had fun with this cake first birthday cake.  Hoot was made  for Noah and Hootabelle  was made for Zoe. The two owls are sitting on top of a cloud, with a birthday cake between them.

When the family first asked me to make this cake, I thought it was for twins, but the children are actually cousins.

Sharing a birthday cake is such a good idea if you have family members that are born on the same day or only a couple of days apart. The 8 inch vanilla cake was enough for everyone to enjoy.

Have a lovely day,

Fairy house cake decorating party with bunnies and birds.

Here is another fairy party. These cute cakes were made at  Helena's 10th Birthday Party in Ashburton. The children really enjoyed making the houses and  adding their own special touches. Two hours later we had an collection of colourful birds, bunnies and mushrooms. Fairy houses and owl mini cakes are the two most popular themes for your hosted parties.

Have a happy day,

Leo's Fire Engine cake

Here is Leo's 1st Birthday cake. A bright red fire engine, complete with ladder. The cake flavour was Sticky Date with white chocolate ganache. I ask how the cake went and Leo's mother Donna said  "He loved it! Kept shouting Nee Nor!! It was very cute! "