Birthday cakes for two year olds in Melbourne.

First birthday cakes ideas for Melbourne families, part 2

Here is part two of ideas for first birthday parties. As you can see, when planning your child's celebration, you don't always have to have a cake. Cookies can also be a fun item to add or use as a centrepiece for your event. Cookie bouquets look spectacular and are a little different from traditional cakes. They have the advantage of being easy to transport and easy to serve.

I also make a lot of figurines for cakes, elephants, teddy bears, penguins and a whole lot of other little characters come to life using different coloured icing, however it is also possible for me to design a cake around  toy figurines that your child owns and loves. The Bambi cake is a good example of this.

First Birthday Cake Ideas Melbourne.

I am currently working on updating the picture galleries, starting with 1st birthday cake ideas.
As you can see from the photos below, I get a wide range of requests, however the designs are always  colourful and fun.
So what do people ask for?  Animals are popular, as well as TV characters, and all kinds of vehicles.

  Probably my favourite first birthday cake is one that I made for a little girl called Ava. The cake was 3 tiers and had a little grey elephant on top. A picture of this cake is in part two of First Birthday cakes.

Owls, Owls and more Owls!

I have Tamara's 10th birthday party to share with you today.

Tamara saw the pink owls on the cakes made at June's party quite a while ago now. She thought  they were cute and decided that is what she would like to do for her 10th birthday.

I let Tamara select some of the colours we would use and she choose the dark pink owls with pink cakes and blue names. On the tops, the girls made branches with leaves and various types of flowers.

There were 7 girls all around 10 years old. Two of the girls can't eat gluten, so they had gluten free vanilla cakes and the rest enjoyed the chocolate mud.

Happy Birthday Tamara!!
Thanks for sharing your day with us!

Lydia's 10th Birthday mini cake decorating party in Ashburton

 I had the pleasure of hosting a mini cake party for Lydia's 10th Birthday recently. I received such a warm and friendly welcome, it was really nice. 

This is the second time I have come to their home to do a party. The first time was a couple of years ago, when Lydia's older sister also turned 10.

Funnily enough, they wanted to make the same type of cakes. So we spent the afternoon decorating and these are the Fairy Houses they made.

Happy Birthday Lydia!!