A birthday request....


A fun cake for one of my regular customers. Alessio requested this Beyblade cake.
A Beyblade is basically a spinning top that you build and battle with other Beyblades.They even have special arenas to hold the battles. Beyblades basically have 3 parts that you put together. From the different parts you can made lots of different combinations and these have different strengths and weaknesses.  It is all rather complicated, and I had to ask my nephew about it all, as my kids missed out on this craze. One thing I must say is the tops are great at spinning for a long time if they don't get knocked out.
The  Beyblade cake is a 8 inch round mud cake, which is his family's favourite and this cake was made for Alessio's 8th birthday.
Last year I made Alessio a Ghostbusters cake. He even got to add his own slime!                          

The year before that was a lego cake.

It fun to look back over the years and see the toys, movies and trends of the time.

Cake decorating with buttercream

wintertime fun with buttercream

Piping roses with Dominic

Normally during school holidays the family and I go away at least part of the holiday break. However, this year, we were lucky enough to take a trip to Singapore for 9 days during term, so we have a bit more time on our hands.
Anyway, I had a request for a buttercream birthday cake for Ajay's Mum. You can take a peek at this cake below.
I don't do a lot of buttercream orders, as the weather is generally too warm here in Melbourne, but during the winter months, it is fine. To cut a long story short, I had some left-over buttercream and thought it might be fun to do a bit of cake decorating with the kids.
This was easy enough to set up as I have a whole lot of disposable piping bags. If you put a coupler ring on the end, you can easy change tips and colours. After a while, we had quite a few roses. I wasn't sure what to do with them at first.
However, we decided to arrange them on the cake above. After we added a few piped blackberries and fondant leaves I was happy with the result.  A nice way to brighten a winter night!

Mums need birthday cakes too!

Here is the cake I made last weekend for Ajay's Mum. The cake was ordered as a surprise for an evening party.  It is an egg-less chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.  It looks pretty small in the photo, the cake is actually 9 inches round and 4 inches high, so a bit bigger than your standard birthday cake. All the roses are hand piped using a 104 Wilton tip. The leaves are piped with a 67.

 Buttercream cakes require refrigeration until shortly before they are served. The cake then needs to be brought to room temperature before you eat it so that you can appreciate the full flavour and delicate texture of both the cake and icing.

A little preview of the train cake I made Alvin.
Have a happy day!

Celebrating 50 years with a chic cake!

Here is the stylish cake I designed for Meredith's 50th Birthday. Meredith attended an event where I made a birthday cake. She enjoyed the cake so much, she asked for my contact details and we came up with this design for her special cake. The 50 & Fabulous was supplied by Meredith.