Wednesday, January 4

21st Birthday Cake ideas for Melbourne Parties

Just a few ideas if you are planning a 21st this year in Melbourne. 21st Birthday Parties are so much fun to plan. There are so many options to really make your cake stand out. From a simple stunning creation, to a cake reflecting everything that is you. 

A few examples of 21st Cakes
Above and below are just a few of the function cakes I have made for large parties. Each one very different, which is what I love. There is nothing better than designing something totally new and watching the person's face light up!

An Elegant 21st Birthday Cake at Crown

Cashreyn celebrated her Birthday last weekend, and Elegant Cake and Party Dates had the honour of creating her 21st Birthday cake.

Cashreyn celebrated her 21st Birthday with a lavish lunch for 21 guests at the Crown Casino.

The venue Cashreyn choose was Breezes. Breezes is located near the swimming pool on Level 3 at Crown Towers. If you haven't been there, it is worth checking out as has a lovely view of the Yarra River. Here is a link to the restaurant Breezes

Cashreyn had always wanted a Ralph Lauren cake. When she came to me, she had a lot of ideas, but wasn't sure exactly how she wanted the cake to look.
In the end I suggested that I design a package wrapped in Ralph Lauren Paper. This was especially appropriate as, Cashreyn's boyfriend, Russel was giving the cake to Cashreyn as part of her Birthday present.

"Thanks heaps Melissa!
The cake looked exceptional! It was the highlight of my birthday party! Everyone loved the cake and I even kept a lot for myself to eat because the cake tasted so good. I really cannot thank you enough for the time and effort put into the individual logos and the depth of detail and workmanship put into the cake itself. I really thank you so much for making my birthday party an experience to remember!! You're the best!
Love always, Cash and Russ!"


21st Cake with a Beatles Theme

It is wonderful to work with your hands to create something that didn't exist before.
Today, I thought I'd share with you a couple photos of The Beatles figurines I just made.

The figurines were for a 21st Birthday Party in South Yarra last
Friday night. It is the second time I have been asked to do the Beatles.
The last time was about a year ago for a 50th Birthday Party.
I wish someone would request a cake from their earlier days though. I liked their shorter hair.

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