May 24, 2015

Making the cutest cupcakes

Here is Isha's 8th Birthday celebration. There were 15 girls. A rather large party for so many so young, but it was a lot of fun!

The party went for two hours. We were actually outside under cover. We were every lucky, it was not too cold and we all had enough room to move about.

When I asked Isha what her favourite colours were before the party, she said "Pink, yellow and blue." So they are the colours we have used, along with a bit of green and brown for the teddies and puppies. Isha selected the cupcakes she wanted to make from my web site, but  asked if one of the cupcakes could be a puppy.

All the girls did a great job making their cupcakes.

May 03, 2015

Winter birthday activity- Fondant Cake Class in Melbourne

Do you have a winter birthday celebration coming up in your family?
As the weather turns cold and becomes more unpredictable, it can be hard to know what to do.

Winter is actually my busiest time for cake decorating parties. They are a great way to entertain a group without them running wild. You don't need a lot of room. Just a table with a plastic cloth over it and a place for each person to sit.

Cake decorating activities last for around 2 hours, and many families add an extra half an hour to serve a few snacks.

Here is Emma's birthday. Poor Emma had surgery on her knee, so she wasn't able to walk, but that didn't stop her from having a great party. Here are the cakes the girls made:


April 30, 2015

Dinosaur Birthday Cakes and other ideas for boys!

These dinosaurs were made by Jessica, my 12 year old daughter.
The mud cake was for  her cousin Ben. Ben loved this cake and was very excited that his cousin had made all those dinosaurs for him. They are so cute. This cake would make a great theme for a mini cake decorating party if you had a couple of boys coming along.

Usually the boys make volcanos,  with bright flowing lava, trees and dinosaurs.

We have also had quite a few make the little houses with blue roofs.

Monster cookies would be fun!

Hamish enjoyed making 3d cookie lions, but you could also make dogs, ducks, or cows. 
Maybe even a scary treat like the witch and frankenstein.

 Also the cupcake parties are popular. Space cakes would also be an option, like this one, however just one tier, not two tiers.

Well, this started off being a post about Ben's Birthday cake and Jessica's fantastic fondant dinosaurs and has kind of taken another direction.

Happy Birthday Ben!!
Well done Jess!!

Have a lovely day!

April 21, 2015

Dominic's Pizza Party!

 This is the pizza party I organised for Dominic's Birthday. Such a fun theme to put together, as there are so many colours and decorations you can use. We started by printing some posters to make Dominic his own "Pizza Parlour". We found red and white tablecloths and printed our own personalised placemats with word finds and other activities. We used fairy lights and balloons to add some atmosphere to the room. Black aprons were used by all the guests while they made individual pizzas. They made the dough, added the ingredients and had fun comparing results when they were done.
Although we cooked savoury pizza, we could have made pizza cakes, or dessert pizzas. Pizza cooking parties are a fun way to entertain a group of boys. All we added were a few games and a chef hat cake for dessert.
Happy Birthday Dominic!!!!