Monday, March 17

All the colours of the rainbow- Cake decorating party.

Celebration: Stephanie's 10th Birthday
Age group:  6-10 years old
Number of guests:12
Duration of party: 2 hours
Name of cake decorating activity- Rainbow owls Mini Cakes
This cake decorating party ended up being  a combination of themes as Stephanie liked both the rainbow cakes and the owl cakes. Stephanie's favourite colour is blue, which is the colour used to cover the cakes.
Each of the cakes turned out a little different according to the colours each person selected and the decorations they made. All of the children started off with the same amount of icing and the same colours.
I taught then to make the rainbow first and then we moved on to making the owls. I love the little finishing touches the girls added to their cakes, such as the ear phones, glasses and the little blue book.

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Tuesday, March 4

Cake Decorating Classes Melbourne- Natasha and her friends learn how to make pretty cupcakes at home.

 Celebration: Natasha's 13th Birthday
Age group:12 and 13 years old
Number of guests:9
Duration of party: 2 hours
Name of cake decorating activity- Bright Cupcake party
Another one of our hosted cupcake decorating parties. This was for Natasha's 13th Birthday. The girls spent 2 hours making fondant flowers, bows, butterflies and other decorations. They all did a fantastic job too, as you can see from the photos.

Hosted Parties can be designed for any age group and are custom designed to suit the both age of the participants. These events are designed to be held in your home.

Enjoy your day,

Learning to decorate mini cakes with trees and owls.

Celebration: Beth's 13th Birthday
Age group:  10  to 13 years old
Number of guests:8
Duration of party: 2 hours
Name of cake decorating activity- Blue Owl Mini Cakes
I wanted to share with you another one of my mini cake decorating parties. This time it was a celebration for Beth's 13th Birthday. The party was held in Ringwood with 8 of her friends.

At this party as the girls were a bit older, so they rolled out their own  blue coloured fondant and with a bit of help were able to cover cakes themselves.
 Notice that some of the cakes are quite different to each other. If any of the guests have their own ideas, I am more than happy to help them. So at this party we ended up with lots of different variations.
Beth's Mother couldn't get over how quiet all the girls were. They were so involved in what they were doing and kept adding little touches right up until the very end! It was such a lovely afternoon.
Thanks for having me Beth!
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Giant Cupcakes!!

This is Jessica's 12th Birthday cake, which she shared with her friend Val. I don't know where the 12 years have gone. It still only seems like yesterday. The cupcake is  dark chocolate mud cakes with yummy ganache under the fondant.
I brought a new lace mould, which was very easy to use and gives the cake a shabby chic kind of feel. The flowers are all handmade, and the heart is painted with gold edible lustre dust. Unfortunately I took the photos in a hurry and the colours haven't come out all that great.
 Jessica ended up with two birthday cakes this year. The purple giant cupcake Jessica decorated herself and we had it at home with the family. Jess made all the little flowers using a press mould. Then she dusted them with pink and purple lustre dusts.
  The  other giant cupcake with the blue cake Jessica also made. The cupcake is a chocolate piñata and is filled with lollies. Jessica actually made it for her teacher last year and took it to school. They got the teacher to smash open the pianta with a hammer, which they though was funny! 
It is lovely that Jessica still enjoys cake decorating. She is learning more and more all the time. Beautiful work Jess! Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 26

A cake fit for a pirate

Recently is was my nephews 6th birthday party and he asked me if I could make him a cake. The only problem with that is we had a holiday planned, so I would have an afternoon to complete the cake, so this is what I came up with.
Daniel's party was a lot of fun. He had it at home in his lovely backyard. There were treasure hunts, pass the parcel, a treasure chest piñata to destroy and a very awesome jumping castle.

My sister found these cool candles to go on the cake. They look like fireworks. I had never seen them before, but everyone loved them.
Happy 6th Birthday Daniel!

Thursday, February 20

Snake cake for 6 year old birthday

Had a request for a cake with a green snake. It is a little hard to see in the picture, but the snake coils all the way around the cake.

Tuesday, February 18

Will your design win the cookies?

Here are some of the bouquets cookies I have made over the years. I don't know why, but I always have a lot of fun  designing cookies. Especially the cookie bouquets. In fact, I have decided this morning that I will giveaway one bouquet, with a limit of 6 cookies to the person that comes up with the most inspiring request. I will only accept emails for this one. The cookies would also have to be picked up from Doncaster and the date would have to be a time that suits me. So get thinking. The time limit for submissions is  April 30th 2014.  Winner announced May 1st 2014.
Good Luck,

Monday, February 17

Prices, How to Order and Book!

Elegant Cakes and Party Dates -Prices List
Wedding Cakes, Novelty Cakes, Birthdays, etc
 As a guide you can expect to pay around $4 to $5 a person.
There are no set prices for custom designs, price is by determined a
1. The cost of ingredients.
2. The cost of supplies
3. The time needed to complete your design 
4. The size and the shape of the design.
You can visit the gallery here


Around $50 for each figurine, however please contact me for an individual quote for your requirements. Personalised Figurines are generally made out of a combination of fondant and gumpaste, but in some circumstances can also be made out of poly clay.
Figurines can be made to look like you, with a similar hair colour, hair style and clothing. 
additions include: veils, tiaras, jewellery and flowers; sports equipment, miniature wedding cakes or even toys and animals.
View some of our figurines here

Individual Cookies start from $4 each with a minimum order of 12
 Cookies can be presented and packaged in a number of ways.
These  include being plated, boxed, at no extra charge.
Cookies can be also bagged, with or with a label.
Elegant Cakes and Party Dates also makes cookie pops and elegant  cookie bouquets. Request a quote for these items.
See some of our cookies here


Cup Cake Prices
 Prices start at $4 for a basic yummy cupcake.
There are all sorts of cupcakes that can be designed for your event. From fondant modelling to Paper Toppers. Cake cakes can be arranged into bouquets, in boxes, or on stands. 
See the Cupcake Gallery here.

Dessert Buffets

 Prices vary according to requirements.
A wonderful way to serves your guests a selection of sweet treats.

Getting a quote for Cakes
If you would like a quote, please review the prices and booking availability below first,  then email the following details: 
  • Your name and contact details
  • The date and time of your event
  • Location of your event, with either pick up or delivery
  • The serving size you require -
  •  Is it to serve with coffee, or is it the main dessert?
  • The number of people you need to cater for, and their ages
  • Your budget- don't be shy.
  • Any relevant photos

  • I will then send you a e-mail with all the details in writing, and additional questions regarding your situation if needed, so that I can provide your quote.
    Once you are ready to order:
     To complete your order you will be sent a contract agreement to complete. This will contain all your order details for you to review.

    A deposit of 50% is required to book your date. No work will commence on a project until this deposit has been received.
     The remaining payment will be required two weeks before your event, or at the time of pick up.

     Making a booking?
    Two weeks or more in advance is really a minimum for all orders and party bookings. I get a lot of people making requests at the last minute and often, I am just too busy to help.

    All my creations are custom designed according to your specific needs, I do not have cakes in storage. If you have a last minute order, sometimes I may be able to fit you in. Orders made less than two weeks in advance will require payment in full. Orders submitted with 48 hours notice, or less will incur additional charges.

    Cake Decorating and Cooking Parties - Price list
     The following activities are $25 per person with a minimum of 8 people
    These activities are $35 per person with a minimum of 6 people

    Travel allowance:
    A travel allowance will also be calculated according to your location, this is usually from around $40, depending on where you live.

    Sunday, February 9

    Cool Cupcake Decorating Party in Richmond

     Celebration: Tayla's 6th Birthday Party
    Age group:4 to 6 years old
    Number of guests: 13
    Duration of party: 2 hours
    Name of cake decorating activity- Tiffany themed party

    There were lots of girls at this cupcake decorating party in Richmond recently. It was such a lovely day that the family had set up tables undercover in the garden. Here we celebrated Tayla's 6th Birthday with 12 of her friends.
    The theme for the cupcake decorating party was Tiffany blue, as Tayla also ordered her Birthday cake from me, which was a Tiffany Cake box.
    So all the girls got to decorate 4 cupcakes. I showed them how to put textures on their icing and cup them into circles for the top of their cupcakes.
    Then I taught them some simple decorations that little 6 year old hand could make, such as bows and ribbon roses, presents and a cupcake with their initial.
    It was a very busy day with so many children to help, but lots of fun for everyone as well!
    Happy 6th Birthday Tayla!

    Sunday, February 2

    Prices for Cake Decorating Parties Melbourne

     A party for 6 people is $220.
     For more than 6 guests,  add on the additional guest charges as outlined below:-
     Additional people for these activities are $25 each:-
    Additional people for these activities are $30 each:-

     Travel fee is additional. It is usually around $40 depending on your location.


    What age group are they suitable for?
    Parties can be designed for children aged from 4 years, right up to adults.
    How many guests?
    Most of these parties are suitable for between 6 and 14 guests.

    What do Parties include?
    1. An Invitations file:
    Included are printable invitations, which can be designed to match your theme, colour or setting. This will come in the form of file, that will be sent to you via email for you to print at home.
    2. A cakes ready to decorate.
    Cakes come in your choice of flavour. Allergies can be catered for if organised in advance.
    3. An icing kit.
    Each child will receive all their fondant coloured, weighed and ready to go.
    5. A Place mat to take home:
     Each child receives a laminated place mat. This gives them a place to work and is used as a keepsake for them to take home.
    6. Aprons to wear at the party:
    Each guest will get to use an apron for the party.
    For our younger guests, we have sweet handmade aprons, and for our older guests have a selection of colourful ones in different sizes. 

    7. All decorating equipment needed for the activity:

    Each guest will be provided with all the equipment and materials they need at the party. The types of equipment supplied will vary according to the Activity you have selected to do. Rolling pins, coloured fondant, special cutters and texture plates, might be just some of the things you will get to try.

    8. Boxes to take their creations home:
    Once finished decorating,  creations are boxed with their place mats and any extra icing, ready to take home.
    How long are the parties?Cake decorating parties usually take about  one and a half to two hours to complete

    What do I need to provide?
    For the cake decorating activity all you need to provide is a place to work, with a plastic table cloth. This makes it very easy to clean up.  You also provide any party food for the guests. Most families choose to serve food after the cake decorating has finished. 
     Note: You don't even need to worry about lolly bags, we will package the cupcakes in a box to take home.
    How do I book?
    Start by emailing your details. Include the date you prefer,
    location, number of guests and type of cake party you would like. 
    Melissa White

    Monday, January 27

    Elegant Tiffany Box Birthday Cake with cake pops

    Milestones  deserve to be celebrated in style. Like this special order. This party was organised by the husband as a surprise for his wife.

    He choose this very classy and stylish Tiffany Box theme for her birthday. The cake has the classic white bow and 50 cake pops were made to match.

    The cake pops were displayed in a stand made especially  for the occasion. Each one has a little bow. It was lovely to be a part of such a special surprise.

    This birthday cake was for a 50th birthday party, but could just as easily suit a classy 21st birthday or even an anniversary  party or wedding.

    Tuesday, January 21

    Come make a fairy cake house with me!

    Celebration: Finlay's 10th Birthday Party
    Age group:  8-10 years old
    Number of guests: 10
    Duration of party: 2 hours
    Name of cake decorating activity- Fairy House Mini Cakes
    I have to admit, making fairy house cakes has to be one of my favourite mini cake parties that I have hosted so far. How cute do these little fairy garden cake houses look?! This was a celebration for Finlay's 10th Birthday party. It was held in Frankston South, at her lovely home. The morning of the party one of the guest called to say she wasn't able to come. However, I suggested that Finlay's younger brother might like to join the party and he had a wonderful time!

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    Sunday, January 19

    Farm cookies for Quinn's birthday in Melbourne.

    Quinn's mum contacted me as she wanted some cookies for her son's farm party. He was having a petting farm come to his home. His Mum was making him a cake, but she wanted something special for the guests to take home with them, instead of lollies. Inspired by the birthday invitation, I make these cute cow and pig sugar cookies, decorated with fondant. I hope you like them!

    Sunday, January 12

    Penguin fun in Melbourne!

    After Melbourne's hot weather we could all do with a bit of cooling off. I heard even the penguins at the Melbourne Aquarium were treated to sprinklers and ice cubes during the record breaking heatwave.
    We took the children to see FROZEN at Hoyts cinema the other day, only to have the power go out. Luckily Hoyts Eastland was so good about it, we were able to exchange our tickets and go to Forest hill to see the movie instead.

    Saturday, January 4

    A Military Wedding Celebration

    This very special wedding was held at the Cerberus military base down near Hastings. I had never been there before, but they have two lovely stone churches at the base, just perfect for wedding pictures.

    The cake is a simple 4 tier creation. The silver detailing was inspired by the brides dress.
    The figurines on the top of the cake I made out of polyclay. Polyclay is great for figurines as it doesn't fade the same way icing does. It is still very fragile though and will break if dropped.

    I loved the groom's uniform with it's striking red and the brides dress was truly beautiful.
    The cake was chocolate mud with ganache and fondant. My most popular flavour.
    It was an honour to make the cake. Such a lovely couple!

    Monday, December 16

    Cookies in shades of blue

     Such a busy time of year with Christmas fast approaching. Here are the cookies I made this year for Chloe's Birthday. The cookies were to take to school and share with her class.
    Can't believe another year is coming to any end.
     Chloe finished primary school this year. I think this is the fourth birthday I have made things for her. Happy 12th Birthday Chloe!

    Wednesday, December 11

    Two tiny cakes to celebrate

    These are tiny 4 inch cakes.  The decorations are all made using various cutters. The cakes have then been painted with edible gold and lemon juice. I think they are delicate and pretty to look at.
     These cakes were made for a very special celebration. Both cakes are eggless and have been covered in fondant. The cakes contain a filling of white ganache, which is icing made from heated cream and melted chocolate. The icing is then cooled and spread inside the cakes.

    Thursday, December 5

    Ballerina cake decorating birthday party, Melbourne.

    Celebration: Abby's 10th Birthday
    Age group:   9 and 10 years old
    Number of guests: 7
    Duration of party: 2 hours
    Name of cake decorating activity- Ballerina Mini Cakes
    Originally the plan was to make a cake with ballerina doing the splits on top, with some flowers around. However at the party the girls can up with all sorts of design variations. I was even able to help one of the girls make a girl laying down. All the hair colours were different to match the girl's hair. So much care was taken with each cake and it's design. The girls were able to make use of my flower cutters, letters and learn how to make ribbon roses. It was such a lovely afternoon!
    To find out more about our cake decorating classes, please click here.
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    Monday, October 21

    Will you marry me?

    This cake was made for a very special couple to celebrate their engagement.
     The two tier engagement cake was designed using the invitation as inspiration.

    The silhouetted figures look very striking against the white cake, capturing the emotion of the special moment. Both the figures were cut out of gum paste icing in advance and attached to the cake once it was assembled.

    The tree's leaves and branches curling over the top of cake add interest and colour to the top of the cake.

    Both tiers of the cake are chocolate mud cake, with ganache and fondant on top.

    Best wishes and Congratulations to
    Michael and Kimberley!!!

    Sunday, October 13

    Cake Decorating class Melbourne- Mini Owl Cakes

    Celebration: June's 12th Birthday Party
    Age group: 11 and 12 years old
    Number of guests: 8
    Duration of party: 2 hours
    Name of cake decorating activity- Pink Owl Mini Cakes
    Well, another set of school holidays has flown by and here we are in term 4. Before we know it, it will be Christmas!

    The school holidays are a great time to hold a party, just like June did. This is another mini cake decorating class. They are becoming very popular.  The family hired a church hall in Bentleigh.

    All June and her Mum had to do is set up some tables and provide a plastic table cloth.
     I brought everything else that they needed to the venue. I even provided music, although I think I need my daughter to update my playlist a bit.

    The girls started the class by covering their cakes in fondant. Then together they made the branches and leaves and little owls. The girls enjoyed adding their own personal touches to their cakes.

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