June 10, 2016

collingwood cake

 Alessio  and his friends enjoyed a grand celebration on his 6th birthday with this fun Collingwood themed birthday cake.

The question is, with the blockbuster Queen's Birthday clash with Melbourne fast approaching, will Collingwood be able to make it a sweet success? 

          Have a great long weekend!

June 07, 2016

Friday night cake decorating parties in Melbourne.

 Here are the photos from Ayla's 10th Birthday party in Mitcham.
 The 8 girls had a lovely time making these colourful rainbow flower cakes. 

 I do quite a few Friday night parties now. Given that so many people have other commitments on the weekend, these cake decorating parties are a really good option. Especially if you live close to Manningham.

The girls spent the full two hours decorating their cakes. I like the way each one turned out a little different, and the bright colours make them all look so appealing. The girls added rainbows and hearts with their names on them, after that it was up to them what they wanted to put on their cakes.

Not quite sure why blogger choose to rotate some of the picture sideways.

Have a nice day,

June 06, 2016

Happy 21st Birthday!

Just a of photo of one of the birthday cakes I have made recently. This cake was made for a 21st Birthday party celebrated locally in Manningham. The flavour of the cake was egg free chocolate. Egg free vanilla cake is also a flavour that is often requested. This is probably the 5 Tiffany box that I have made. I think Tiffany cake boxes are so popular because they are stylish and elegant.  My favourite part is making the bow.

Enjoy your day,

June 03, 2016

New cake classes in Melbourne

It has been a while since I have had the time to update the cakes and parties I have been doing around Melbourne, so here is just a quick up date, with more photos to come.

First, some puppy cake photos. Each puppy is made from two cake balls, about the size of a cupcake. The kids have great fun adding decorations to these. Some children enjoy making the cake look like  their pets, and others just have fun adding cute faces and bits and pieces such as bowls, bones and balls.

Below is also another new mini party cake, taking some of the mushroom and flowers from the fairy house and adding a standing tree, this cake is designed  to have an animal of your choice added to it. Owls are always popular, but I was thinking a fox would be cute. The party flags on the front of the cake can be used for names, messages or to place your age on.

 Next I have to share with you a couple of photos from Bianca's birthday party in South Yarra. It is always nice to make something just a little different, so this time the bows have dots added to them and we have added a new pinwheel cupcake. These may look complicated, but are fun to make and look great. In addition the girls enjoyed coming up with their own designs using various flower cutters and hand modelling decorations, which I was happy to assist with when asked.

I will try and add some more photos soon, so you can see what else we have been up to. Including some of the fun celebration cakes. There have been Fire Trucks, Bambi cakes, Dogs, Football cakes, Communions,  Lego,  two 70th birthdays and more.

Bye for now,

April 28, 2016

Rainbows and butterflies, a cake for Mum!

This rainbow cake with monarch butterfly was made for a very special recipient, my Mum. Did you know that the common name for the Monarch butterfly is the Wanderer Butterfly?
I think the cake is very appropriate for her, as she brightens all our lives and loves to travel. 
Here she is enjoying her day with the grandchildren.

Happy Birthday Mum!!

January 18, 2016

Ava and her friends decorate vanilla cakes at her birthday party.

 I have a new party theme to share with you today. This was a request for Ava's 10th Birthday party. She wanted something to do with Minnie Mouse, so we came up with this cute, but simple design.

The conditions on the day of the party were a little challenging in the high 30's.
Originally the party was going to be held outdoors, but was moved inside on the day.
It was a little cramped, but easier to manage the fondant, which becomes very soft when it is hot.

The girls had a great time together.
Unfortunately some of the photos came out a little blurry,
but hopefully you can see all the effort that each child put into their cake.

The Minnie mouse was made in stages. First the white face, then the black ears and head.
Finally all the features, eyes, nose, mouth and tongue and bow.

I have quite a few parties and cakes to share with you over the next couple of weeks.
These new things will slowly be added when I have the time.
I hope you are enjoying your summer holidays. We had a lovely break away in NSW.


November 01, 2015

Celebrate Santa Claus this year with a Christmas cupcake party.

Can you believe it? Another year is almost over...how quickly time flies. 
Well if you are looking for fun way to get into the Christmas spirit, why not consider a Christmas cupcake decorating party. This is what Zoe's Grandmother organised for her sister and cousins. All the girls were 4 years old or younger. They had fun making a snowy owls, Christmas trees with sprinkles, snowmen and for the last one they got to play with my tools and made their own multi-coloured designs.
The decorating lasted about an hour and a half. Different designs can be organised depending on the age of the guests.

October 01, 2015

Making fun, scary treats!!

If you ever wanted to have a Halloween cookie decorating party, now is the time to book!!
You are your guests will learn how to make this slightly scary cookie fingers.
Contact me for more information on available dates and times.

Happy Halloween!!!!

September 07, 2015

21st Masquerade Carnival Cake in Windsor

Isabella contacted me recently with a request to make her 21st birthday cake. The original design she had in mind consisted of  two square wonky cakes with the front of the cake presented on the corner. After talking to her though, we came up with a few changes. Rather than wonky cakes, we decided on full height cakes, one a round and one square. The 21 was also moved to the centre of the bottom tier.

The colours of the cake look very striking together. The gold pieces were hand painted with edible paint. These were not served though, as they were for decoration only. The mask on the cake was hand cut and made from fondant. The mask was then dried for a couple of days to hold it's shape. The feathers were then added and the mask was painted with edible paints. Little hand maid pearls were then added.

Isabella's 21st was held at the Back Bar in Windsor. It was cold, with misty rain when I delivered the cake and the bar looked like a very inviting place to stay and have a drink.
They have two areas. The red bar with comfy couches downstairs and the gold room upstairs.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the cake in the kitchen, as the Bar was still open to the public when I was there. It would have been lovely to of had the opportunity to set up the cake all ready for Isabella's arrival and take a photo.