June 03, 2015

Mermaid cake for Claudia.

Here is Claudia's 5th Birthday cake. This is the third cake I have made for Claudia. The first one was a little owl sitting on a branch when she was two years old. The second cake was an Alice in wonderland cake for her 4th Birthday.
 I met Claudia for the first time this year. She was very excited about her up coming party. Her Mum sent these photos below of how pretty the venue was set up. Looks like a lovely setting for a fun mermaid party.
I was very happy to hear the party and cake were a great success! The cake is a chocolate mud with ganache. Everything is edible. The shells, coral and mermaid were all handmade.

May 27, 2015

All you need is love...and cake!

Time for another Beatles cake. This one was ordered for Lloyd by his wife as a surprise.
The board is full of photos from the 60's. The "Help" album silhouette is the main feature on the larger cake. Along with a guitar with 50 on it. The cake on top was made to look like the drum the band used. It is a cake on it's side with supports underneath. Making instruments is always a bit of a challenge. Especially if you don't play one, but photos helped.
I was happy to hear the cake was a big success. You can read his wife's review on the testimonial page, just click here to be redirected.

May 24, 2015

Kids making the cutest cupcakes.

Here is Isha's 8th Birthday celebration. There were 15 girls. A rather large party for so many so young, but it was a lot of fun!

The party went for two hours. We were actually outside under cover. We were every lucky, it was not too cold and we all had enough room to move about.

When I asked Isha what her favourite colours were before the party, she said "Pink, yellow and blue." So they are the colours we have used, along with a bit of green and brown for the teddies and puppies. Isha selected the cupcakes she wanted to make from my web site, but  asked if one of the cupcakes could be a puppy.

All the girls did a great job making their cupcakes.

May 20, 2015

A party to brighten your day!

Spent a fun afternoon celebrating Sienna's 10th Birthday recently. Look at how lovely her Mother decorated the room for her party. Below is the the birthday cake I made for Sienna.

 Sienna's Mother made a table full of treats to go with the cake. I loved the fruit flowers!

 Below are all the colourful cakes the girls spent the afternoon making. Rainbows and flowers was the theme for the cake decorating activity. For their rainbows the girls rolled out each of their colours into long snakes.  The colours were lined up and trimmed, and joined together by flattening the colours using a fondant smoother, and then rolling them. The girls were then able to lift up their fondant rainbows and place them where they wanted on their cakes. 
I always ask the girls what they want to do, so after making their rainbows,  I showed them how to add a simple boarder using coloured balls. Some of the girls did this and some came up with their own variations, such as flowers and hearts around the bottom.

 After the boarders the girls were able to select which tools they wanted to use. There were letters to put their names on with. Hearts, stars, flowers, butterflies and leaves and a collection of other things.
I think it is nice for the children to have the opportunity to make their own creative choices, after all they are the ones making the cakes. I do bring a sample cake to each party for inspiration and will adjust what I show the girls according to what they want to do.

 So each cake turned out a little different, but they are all bright and happy! 
The girls were very proud of their cakes and so were their parents.
It was a lovely party to be apart of.


May 03, 2015

Winter birthday activity- Fondant Cake Class in Melbourne

Do you have a winter birthday celebration coming up in your family?
As the weather turns cold and becomes more unpredictable, it can be hard to know what to do.

Winter is actually my busiest time for cake decorating parties. They are a great way to entertain a group without them running wild. You don't need a lot of room. Just a table with a plastic cloth over it and a place for each person to sit.

Cake decorating activities last for around 2 hours, and many families add an extra half an hour to serve a few snacks.

Here is Emma's birthday. Poor Emma had surgery on her knee, so she wasn't able to walk, but that didn't stop her from having a great party. Here are the cakes the girls made: